Country Truck & Auto
Country Truck is an independent dealer
located in Fort Lupton, Colorado.  Over
the years we have developed an excellent
reputation in our area, and we expect to
maintain and build on that reputation as
we sell our trucks on the Internet.  If you
come to pick up a truck that you have
purchased and you decide that it was not
accurately represented, you don't have to
buy it.  I can say this because I am certain
that I describe these vehicles correctly so
there will be no surprises when you see
the truck in person.  All advertised prices
include our dealer handling fee of
Mike Willis
I've been selling vehicles since 2004 and I enjoy helping
customers solve their transportation needs.  Several
customers have purchased vehicles from me "sight unseen"
and I've never had a customer tell me they were
disappointed with their purchase when they came to pick it
up.  In fact, most of my "sight unseen" customers comment
that their purchase is better than I had described.  If you
desire your next vehicle purchase to be a pleasurable
experience and if you want to deal with a sales person with
integrity, call me, I'll be happy to help you!
Country Truck & Auto
Fort Lupton, CO  80621
Mike Willis
Phone:  720-635-2692